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Do not allow collections and aliases to have the same name



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      Currently you can define an alias with the same name as a collection and (perhaps) vice-versa. The more I think about this the worse idea it seems. See the discussion at the linked JIRAs.

      Proposal: We should fail to create a collection if an alias already exists with the same name and vice-versa.

      This should depend on SOLR-11444 and supersede SOLR-11218, this JIRA will include tests that define the intended behavior making SOLR-11218 obsolete. We'll close SOLR-11218 as "contained by" this JIRA.

      This will take away the ability to
      1> create a collection, call it "old" and index to it.
      2> decide you want to change the schema
      3> create a collection call it "new" and index to it.
      4> create an alias old->new THIS WILL FAIL.
      5> delete the "old" collection

      People will have to create an alias pointing to "old" and change their clients to use it, then they can do step 4 above....

      This is kind of a pain, but much better than following an alias and deleting "new". I'd also argue that it's a maintenance problem to have collections and aliases with the same name.

      What do people think? I'll try to work up a preliminary patch. If we do this, we should probably coordinate committing this and SOLR-11444 and I'll also change the docs to reflect this and upgrade notes.


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