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windows shell splits args on "=" so we should consider updating our docs to always quote args like -Dfoo=bar or improve bin/solr.cmd to account for this



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    • Windows 10, possible other versions as well (presumably not when running cygwin?)


      confusing exchange with a user on freenode#solr led to this discovery...

      14:07 < sara_:#solr> New question: bin/solr start -e techproducts -Dsolr.ltr.enabled=true
      14:07 < sara_:#solr> gave me invalid command-line option:true
      14:07 < sara_:#solr> anyone knows why?
      15:02 < sara_:#solr> i have 6.6.1 @elyograg
      15:03 < sara_:#solr> mine is a windows 10 machine
      15:28 < sara_:#solr> @elyograg i just downloaded solr-7.0.0 and ran bin/solr start -e techproducts -Dsolr.ltr.enabled=true
      15:28 < sara_:#solr> it still gave me invalid command-line
      15:29 <@hoss:#solr> sara_: the only thing i can think of is that windows 10 is splitting your command line on '=' ? ... can you try 
                          quoting the entire command line arg so the script gets the entire -Dsolr.ltr.enabled=true ? (not sure how to quote 
                          strings in the windows command shell -- i would assume "-Dsolr.ltr.enabled=true"
      15:32 <@hoss:#solr> sigh ... yes, aparently windows things "=" is a shell delimiter: https://ss64.com/nt/syntax-esc.html
      15:33 <@hoss:#solr> s/shell delimiter/parameter delimiter in shell commands/
      15:33 < sara_:#solr> you are genius!
      15:34 < sara_:#solr> you and elyograg. you guys are fantastic. Saving me from looking at the cmd script or shell script....
      15:34 <@hoss:#solr> sara_: do i have your permission to copy/paste this exchange into our bug tracker as a note about updating our docs 
                          (and maybe making the solr.cmd smart enough to handle this) ?
      15:45 < sara_:#solr> sure of course


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