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  2. SOLR-10807 Randomize PointFields in all tests unless explicit reason not to
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Add static (test only) boolean to PointField indicating 'precisionStep' should be ignored so we can simplify points randomization in our schemas


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      (I'm spinning this idea out of parent jira SOLR-10807 so that it gets it's own jira# w/ it's own summary for increased visibility/comments)

      In the interest of making it easier & more straight forward to get good randomized test coverage of Points fields, I'd like to add the following to the PointField class...

        * <p>
        * The Test framework can set this global variable to instruct PointField that
        * (on init) it should be tollerant of the <code>precisionStep</code> argument used by TrieFields.
        * This allows for simple randomization of TrieFields and PointFields w/o extensive duplication
        * of <code>&lt;fieldType/&gt;</code> declarations.
        * </p>
        * <p>NOTE: When {@link TrieField} is removed, this boolean must also be removed</p>
        * @lucene.internal
        * @lucene.experimental
       public static boolean TEST_HACK_IGNORE_USELESS_TRIEFIELD_ARGS = false;
        * NOTE: This method can be removed completely when
        * {@link #TEST_HACK_IGNORE_USELESS_TRIEFIELD_ARGS} is removed 
       protected void init(IndexSchema schema, Map<String, String> args) {
         super.init(schema, args);

      Then in SolrTestCaseJ4, set PointField.TEST_HACK_IGNORE_USELESS_TRIEFIELD_ARGS on a class by class basis when randomizing Trie/Points (and unset @AfterClass).

      (details to follow in comment)


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