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Move quickstart.html to Ref Guide



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      The Solr Quick Start at https://lucene.apache.org/solr/quickstart.html has been problematic to keep up to date - until Ishan just updated it yesterday for 6.6, it said "6.2.1", so hadn't been updated for several releases.

      Now that the Ref Guide is in AsciiDoc format, we can easily use variables for package versions, and it could be released as part of the Ref Guide and kept up to date. It could also integrate links to more information on topics, and users would already be IN the docs, so they would not need to wonder where the docs are.

      There are a few places on the site that will need to be updated to point to the new location, but I can also put a redirect rule into .htaccess so people are redirected to the new location if there are other links "in the wild" that we cannot control. This allows it to be versioned also, if that becomes necessary.

      As part of this, I would like to also update the entire "Getting Started" section of the Ref Guide, which is effectively identical to what was in the first release of the Ref Guide back in 2009 for Solr 1.4 and is in serious need of reconsideration.

      My thought is that moving the page + redoing the Getting Started section would be for 7.0, but if folks are excited about this idea I could move the page for 6.6 and hold off redoing the larger section until 7.0.


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