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Port 'autoAddReplicas' feature to the autoscaling framework and make it work with non-shared filesystems



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      Currently 'autoAddReplicas=true' can be specified in the Collection Create API to automatically add replicas when a replica becomes unavailable. I propose to move this feature to the autoscaling cluster policy rules design.

      This will include the following:

      • Trigger support for ‘nodeLost’ event type
      • Modification of existing implementation of ‘autoAddReplicas’ to automatically create the appropriate ‘nodeLost’ trigger.
      • Any such auto-created trigger must be marked internally such that setting ‘autoAddReplicas=false’ via the Modify Collection API should delete or disable corresponding trigger.
      • Support for non-HDFS filesystems while retaining the optimization afforded by HDFS i.e. the replaced replica can point to the existing data dir of the old replica.
      • Deprecate/remove the feature of enabling/disabling ‘autoAddReplicas’ across the entire cluster using cluster properties in favor of using the suspend-trigger/resume-trigger APIs.

      This will retain backward compatibility for the most part and keep a common use-case easy to enable as well as make it available to more people (i.e. people who don't use HDFS).


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