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CREATEALIAS and DELETEALIAS commands consistency problems under concurrency



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      When several CREATEALIAS are run at the same time by the OCP it could happen that, even tho the API response is OK, some of those CREATEALIAS request changes are lost.

      The problem

      The problem happens because the CREATEALIAS cmd implementation relies on zkStateReader.getAliases() to create the map that will be stored in ZK. If several threads reach that line at the same time it will happen that only one will be stored correctly and the others will be overridden.

      The code I'm referencing is this piece. As an example, let's say that the current aliases map has

      {a:colA, b:colB}

      . If two CREATEALIAS (one adding c:colC and other creating d:colD) are submitted to the tpe and reach that line at the same time, the resulting maps will look like

      {a:colA, b:colB, c:colC}


      {a:colA, b:colB, d:colD}

      and only one of them will be stored correctly in ZK, resulting in "data loss", meaning that API is returning OK despite that it didn't work as expected.

      On top of this, another concurrency problem could happen when the command checks if the alias has been set using checkForAlias method. if these two CREATEALIAS zk writes had ran at the same time, the alias check fir one of the threads can timeout since only one of the writes has "survived" and has been "committed" to the zkStateReader.getAliases() map.

      How to fix it

      I can post a patch to this if someone gives me directions on how it should be fixed. As I see this, there are two places where the issue can be fixed: in the processor (OverseerCollectionMessageHandler) in a generic way or inside the command itself.

      The processor fix

      The locking mechanism (OverseerCollectionMessageHandler#lockTask) should be the place to fix this inside the processor. I thought that adding the operation name instead of only "collection" or "name" to the locking key would fix the issue, but I realized that the problem will happen anyway if the concurrency happens between different operations modifying the same resource (like CREATEALIAS and DELETEALIAS do). So, if this should be the path to follow I don't know what should be used as a locking key.

      The command fix

      Fixing it at the command level (CreateAliasCmd and DeleteAliasCmd) would be relatively easy. Using optimistic locking, i.e, using the aliases.json zk version in the keeper.setData. To do that, Aliases class should offer the aliases version so the commands can forward that version with the update and retry when it fails.


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