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Cannot do a full sync (fetchindex) if the replica can't open a searcher



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      Doing a full sync or fetchindex requires an open searcher and if you can't open the searcher those operations fail.

      For discussion. I've seen a situation in the field where a replica's index became corrupt. When the node was restarted, the replica tried to do a full sync but fails because the core can't open a searcher. The replica went into an endless sync/fail/sync cycle.

      I couldn't reproduce that exact scenario, but it's easy enough to get into a similar situation. Create a 2x2 collection and index some docs. Then stop one of the instances and go in and remove a couple of segments files and restart.

      The replica stays in the "down" state, fine so far.

      Manually issue a fetchindex. That fails because the replica can't open a searcher. Sure, issuing a fetchindex is abusive.... but I think it's the same underlying issue: why should we care about the state of a replica's current index when we're going to completely replace it anyway?


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