Name Start date Release date Description
Unreleased bundles-2016.02
Unreleased specs-2.7.0 ServiceMix Specs 2.7.0
Released bundles-2016.01 ServiceMix Bundles 2016.01
Released bundles-2015.12 ServiceMix Bundles 2015.12
Released bundles-2015.11
Released bundles-2015.10 ServiceMix Bundles 2015.10
Released bundles-2015.08 ServiceMix Bundles 2015.08
Released bundles-2015.07 ServiceMix Bundles 2015.07
Released specs-2.6.0 ServiceMix Specs 2.6.0
Released specs-2.5.0 ServiceMix Specs 2.5.0
Released bundles-2015.06
Released bundles-2015.05
Released bundles-2015.04
Released bundles-2015.03 ServiceMix Bundles 2015.03
Unreleased depends-maven-plugin-1.4.0
Released depends-maven-plugin-1.3.1
Released depends-maven-plugin-1.3
Unreleased Later Issues that can't be resolved at the moment
Unreleased 7.0.x Scheduled to be resolved in a future 7.0.x version
Unreleased 7.0.2 Apache ServiceMix 7.0.2