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Use of useJBIWrapper flag in smx-cxf-bc consumer and smx-http soap-consumer endpoints is inconsistent



      The smx-cxf-bc consumer and smx-http soap-consumer endpoints both support the useJBIWrapper boolean flag. However, smx-cxf-bc consumer interprets this flag to mean forward the message with the soap envelope instead of the jbi wrapper. OTOH, the smx-http soap-consumer interprets it to mean forward the message with just the soap body and neither the soap envelope nor the jbi wrapper.

      I think the smx-http soapConsumer behavior is much more intuitive.

      In SMX 3.3, would it be possible to add a useSOAPEnvelope boolean flag to smx-cxf-bc? The default value for this flag would be false. In addition, it would be an error to set both flags to true.

      When useSOAPEnvelope=true, one would get the same behavior as the current useJBIWrapper=false.

      When useJBIWrapper=false (and useSOAPEnvelope=false), neither envelope would be used, which would result in the same behavior as smx-http consumer useJBIWrapper=false.

      What do you think? I recognize that this is a breaking change. However, I think it is a significant improvement over the current behavior.

      Also, I think adding the useSOAPEnvelope=true boolean flag to the smx-http soapConsumer might be a worthwhile enhancement as well.

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