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Minor memory leak in MapEntries class




      SLING-4216 introduced a limit to the number of cached vanity paths. If the cache size is exceeded, it falls back to a repository search, which is relatively costly. So in order to avoid most of the costly calls, a bloom filter was introduced to answer the question whether a search is likely to yield a result.

      The bloom filter is by default nearly 1MB in size (without Java overhead) and it is persisted in a file and a java.util.Timer was introduced "for persisting the bloom filter every minute".

      The memory leak is that the Timer is not cancelled when MapEntries#dispose is called, and thus the timer's thread holds on to a reference of the MapEntries instance. Now the severity of this issue is low for two reasons:

      1. MapEntries is a singleton in a normal Sling deployment.
      2. A bug causes the TimerTask to be executed only once after 60 seconds and not repeatedly. I.e. the thread disappeared after ~1 minute.

      I discovered the memory leak when running unit tests that use Sling-Mock. During testing a new ResourceResolverFactory instance, together with its associated MapEntries is created for every test method. In a module with ~700 test methods that lead to an OutOfMemoryError with 1GB max heap size.

      Fixing the memory leak allowed the same module to run with only 96MB max heap.

      I intend to also fix the Timer to be scheduled to run once every minute. This intention is indicated by a comment in the code.

      The use of a non-volatile boolean field also looks like it might be prone to concurrency/visibility issues and may be better replaced by an AtomicBoolean.

      cc Antonio Sanso

      Stefan Seifert do you think it would make sense for Sling Mock to set resource.resolver.vanitypath.bloomfilter.maxBytes = 0 by default?


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