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Regex path matching in Sling Dynamic Include



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      In some cases one might want to include external content to a page. Example of such external content are AEM Experience Fragments or Content Fragments, or Zen Garden Snippets.
      Sometimes such 3rd party content can be categorized into two categories:

      • not included by SDI - content which should not be included separately (for example when content requires page context)
      • included by SDI - content which is static, so it can be cached because it does not change often (header, footer), or because it changes once per week and we don't want to invalidate whole cache.

      Example content structure:

      • /content/my-site/my-micro-site/en_gl/content/fragments/
      • /content/my-site/my-micro-site/en_gl/content/fragments/cacheable-fragments

      When content is specific to market (by market I mean for example British market, German market etc.), and we would want to include that 3rd party content using SDI, we would have to provide one Sling Dynamic Include configuration per market.
      As you may know, one site can have 100 or more markets, it means at least 100 configuration for such simple case (and usually, it's not the only one!).

      Solution for this problem is to change the way, how SDI performs check on the path.
      Currently SDI checks if requested resource path starts from the configured path.
      Instead of simple check with startsWith, SDI should support regular expressions, which are much more flexible.

      In the given scenario we would have one simple configuration with path configured to:




      I have created pull requests which also provides some unit tests for Configuration and ConfigurationWhiteboard classes.


      Pull request: https://github.com/apache/sling-org-apache-sling-dynamic-include/pull/3




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