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Implement a file system resource provider



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      The idea is to implement a ResourceProvider to access files and folders in the platform filesystem through the virtual Resource tree. This functionality will serve multiple purposes: (1) It shows how to implement a ResourceProvider easily, (2) supports simple development and (3) may be used for support.

      The following use cases for such a resource provider exist (maybe more):

      Rapid Development

      The goal is to implement a Sling application, where the scripts are not stored in the repository but will be loaded from the OSGi bundle which is part of the application. Without filesystem resource provider, the scripts have to be stored in the bundle from the start or be stored in the repository and moved to the bundle later. The first approach is tedious as it requires bundle-redeployment on each script change and the second is tedious as it is easy to forget about copying the file out of the repository into the bundle when done.

      With the filesystem resource provider, the scripts may be developed with your favourite IDE, persisted at the exact location, you later use them anyway (for bundle inclusion or source control system), that is your project location. You simply create a configuration for the filesystem provider, which maps the scripts into the resource tree at the exact same location you will later provide them in the bundle.

      Each change in the script through the IDE is immediately visible in Sling.


      Have you ever wanted to access the sling log file of a remote server ? Or wanted to inspect the actual sling.properties file ? Or even wanted to have a look at the actual Configuration Admin configuration files ?

      The filesystem resource provider is your friend: Create a configuration mapping sling.home into the resource tree and start looking at it.

      Simple Remote Filesystem Browsing

      Browsing the remote filesystem was at the beginning of this idea: I have tons of pictures, I would like to access in a Sling application. Instead of copying all pictures into the repository (something, which might make sense in the future, but not now), the filesystem resource provider allows mapping the folder containing the pictures into the resource tree view.....




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