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File installer does not support moving Sling directory



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    • File Installer 1.0.4
    • File Installer 1.1.0
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      The file installer uses the full path to the install folder as a hash as the schema to be passed to the installer. The schame is used on a restart to detect that this is the same installation location.
      If now the whole Sling home is moved to a different location, this results in a different absolute path for the install directory. On a restart, the install directory is detected as a new location. As the OSGi installer by design does not touch unknown/stale locations, this results in the old resources being available, together with the new ones. Which results in hard to trace/find problems once something is changed in the install folder.

      We have to use new full path and not just the directory, otherwise if the installer is configured with two directories having the same name, this would result in a clash.
      If an absolute path is configured for the installer, it's totally fine to use the full path. The only problem are relative paths to sling.home

      A solution is to check whether the path starts with sling.home and then replace it with ${sling.home} instead.




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