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Performance: Consider optimizing JcrItemResource#getParent and getChild



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      I have noticed that on some "resource intensive" pages up to 24% of the rendering time is spent in AbstractResource.getParent. One of the main reasons for this is because the ParentHidingHandler traverses for each resource to the root (see SLING-4568).

      getParent is not just called often, but is also about 10 times slower than jcrNode.getParent() which has the following reasons:

      • itemExists is called unnecessary because JcrResourceProvider#createResource does not know that the path belongs to a parent of a node which has already been read. See also SLING-4585.
      • jcrSession.getItem (which is used to read parents in JcrResourceProvider#createResource) is about 3.5 times slower than jcrNode.getParent in Oak.
      • Some other overhead which cannot be avoided entirely.

      The situation could be improved with a getParent implementation which is specific to JcrNodeResource and uses getNode().getParent() directly to create a new JcrNodeResource. I have implemented such a method (see attached experimental patch) and it reduces the time for getParent from 24% to 5% on my test page.

      As discussed on the mailing list this is not a good solution because the parent resource could be backed by another provider. An alternative approach would be to create a new resource provider interface which accepts the base resource (which is passed to resourceResolver.getResource), retrieves the node form it and uses it for a direct getParent/getNode call (see the linked mail for more information).


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