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Replace administrative login by service-based login



      From the start Sling tried to solve the problem of providing services access to the repository and resource tree without having to hard code and configure any passwords. This was done first with the SlingRepository.loginAdministrative and later with the ResourceResolverFactory.getAdministrativeResourceResolver methods.

      Over time this mechanism proved to be the hammer to hit all nails. Particularly these methods while truly useful have the disadvantage of providing full administrative privileges to services where just some specific kind of privilege would be enough.

      For example for the JSP compiler it would be enough to be able to read the JSP source scripts and write the Java classes out to the JSP compiler's target location. Other access is not required. Similarly to manage users user management privileges are enough and no access to /content is really required.

      To solve this problem a new API for Service Authentication has been proposed at The prototype of which is implemented in

      This issue is about merging the prototype code back into trunk and thus fully implementing the feature.

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