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Sling Embedded JCR repository integration


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      Windows 7 - Tomcat 7 - Hippo CMS - Apache Sling



      I am trying to use apache sling as an templating framework in front of Hippo CMS (also uses JCR) so normally it should be possible to integrate Hippo CMS with Sling I guess.

      So what I did is in the configuration of Sling configured : Apache Sling Embedded JCR Repository:

      And i changed the values to:
      Config file : file://C:/java/appserver/apache-tomcat-7.0.6/conf/repository.xml
      Repository home: C:\java\appserver\apache-tomcat-7.0.6\webapps\cms\storage (If I change this to not the one that Hippo CMS is using everything is OK )
      Embedded JCR Repository Name : repositoryDS
      Default workspace : default


      Aministrator : admin
      Admin pwd : admin

      And the other values remained the same.

      Now when I try to get content or post content I get this error ( Unless as described above , if I change the Repo home.)

      The requested service (AuthenticationSupport service missing. Cannot authenticate request.) is not currently available.

      Can someone help me ?

      Am I using the correct parameters ? Am I forgetting somehting or can someone explain in more dept what I should put in ( in the values above).

      thanks !


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