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"nt:unstructured" is used in case of overwriting node with no sling:resourceType property defined (JCR Resource Merger)



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    • Resource Merger 1.4.0
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      In this constructor, I see the following logic:
      1. Try to find the sling:resourceType property, set in any of the resources
      2. If that property could not be found, try using the relative path

      Then, even if a proper sling:resourceType property was found, it will overwrite that value with the result of Resource#getResourceType if it is not null, of the last resource that defines one. This could be entirely right (maybe this done because some people use wrappers, that override the getResourceType-method?).

      However, in the JCR implementation of Resource (JcrNodeResource/JcrItemResource), it is rare for getResourceType to return null, because:
      1. Try to return the defined sling:resourceType's value
      2. If not found, try to return the value of jcr:primaryType

      Generally, any node has a jcr:primaryType defined and thus returns it.

      When the overridden resource does not mention a resource type, this effectively makes getResourceType of the merged resource return the node type of the overridden resource (in our case: nt:unstructured).

      Easy case to reproduce:

      /libs/test (@jcr:primaryType: nt:unstructured, @sling:resourceType=website/component, @prop=test)
      /apps/test (@jcr:primaryType: nt:unstructured, @prop=test-overridden)


      resource.getResourceType(): nt:unstructured
      resource.getResourceSuperType(): website/component
      resource.getValueMap().get("prop"): test-overridden
      resource.getValueMap().get("sling:resourceType"): website/component

      (Marked in the bold, the values I think are not correct in this case.)




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