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Spatial Information Systems


Name Start date Release date Description
Unreleased 0.8 Data stores (GeoTIFF, NetCDF, ...)
Released 0.7 Continuation of ISO 19111 support with EPSG database and more map projections.
Released 0.6 Continuation of ISO 19111 referencing with GML, WKT 2 and simplest map projections.
Released 0.5 Upgrade to ISO 19115:2014 except for the XML part. Addition of a Feature model.
Released 0.4 ISO 19111 referencing (geodetic CRS only - not yet map projections).
Released 0.3 Addition of ISO 19115 metadata.
Released 0.2-incubating Second incubator release.
Released 0.1-incubating First incubator release.