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Spatial Information Systems


Component Lead Description
Build process chrismattmann Chris A. Mattmann Maven configuration and sis-build-helper module.
Command line chrismattmann Chris A. Mattmann The command line interface.
Documentation chrismattmann Chris A. Mattmann Wiki, Maven APT pages and developper guide.
Features desruisseaux Martin Desruisseaux ISO 19109 Rules for application schema.
Geometry objects pjaol patrick o'leary ISO 19107 spatial schema.
GUI charithccmc Madusanka Graphical User Interface client.
Metadata desruisseaux Martin Desruisseaux ISO 19115 implementation.
Referencing desruisseaux Martin Desruisseaux ISO 19111 referencing by coordinates.
Shapefile Storage implementation for ShapeFiles
Storage chrismattmann Chris A. Mattmann Reader and writer for geospatial data. Contains also spatial data structures like QuadTrees for providing fast, efficient manipulation and access to spatial data.
Utilities desruisseaux Martin Desruisseaux Various utility classes used as the basis of geospatial modules.
Web services chrismattmann Chris A. Mattmann Web services (eventually OGC ones and others) for providing access to spatial data from SIS.
Web site chrismattmann Chris A. Mattmann Content of sis.apache.org.