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[GSoC] Agent Based Modeling based geo-profiling of criminology projects



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      This idea targeted for GSoC project to extend the geo-profiling computational criminology projects discussed in [1], [2]. Paper [2] uses a simple 2 dimensional spacial grid with x, y co-ordinates to move the agents. This project should instead use google maps api to make the agents move around as we validate various criminology theories like Distance Decay and Routine Activity [3]. In the future these could be modeling in SIS when rendering is fully supported.

      The project involves engaging with the SIS community for special expertise, understanding google maps api, understand the basic concepts of agent based modeling using a simple proof of concept like example [4]. The project deliverables includes a web based interface embedding google maps and randomizing agent moves and develop a memory function and overlay mocked crime data and predict crime patterns.

      In addition to SIS PMC, external backup mentors Suresh Marru, Ramyaa Ramyaa and Arvind Verma will provide the necessary guidance on the theory of computing and logic, agent based modeling and criminology concepts.

      This projects is suited for students who can interpret computer theory and logic and efficiently implement algorithms, to prototype with GIS based maps and have enthusiasm to publish multi-disciplinary conference papers.

      [1] - http://www2.tcs.ifi.lmu.de/~ramyaa/publications/patrol.pdf
      [2] - http://www.security-informatics.com/content/pdf/2190-8532-2-3.pdf
      [3] - http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Routine_activity_theory
      [4] - https://code.google.com/p/iu-themis/source/browse/trunk/CrimInfoAgentBased/src/CrimInfoAgentBased.cpp


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