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      I have created the following classes that I used to integrate Shiro with Flex AMF. I would like to contribute them to the shiro. Please let me know if there is interest and the procedure for doing so. I have included the class names with a brief description of what they do. They are currently outside of the Shiro code base that I checked out, but I could combine them if interested.

      Best Regards,


      /* Authentication and Authorization need to let AMF Ping, Login, Logout messages pass through
      without processing. They call FlexMessageHelper to introspect the binary message to see if it is allowed to pass.
      If not, normal Authentication, and Authorization takes place.
      public class FlexAuthenticationFilter extends AuthenticationFilter;
      public class FlexPermissionsAuthorizationFilter extends PermissionsAuthorizationFilter;
      public class FlexRolesAuthorizationFilter extends RolesAuthorizationFilter;

      /*Helper methods for introspecting the contents of the amf message. It is conceivable that a security handler
      might need to introspect the contents of a request. It would be nice if Shiro wrapped the request automatically so that anyone can read the contents without
      causing an end of stream error for a filter down the line.
      Message helper deserializes the AMF message and checks to see if it is a PING, LOGON, or LOGOUT request.
      public class FlexHttpServletRequestWrapper extends HttpServletRequestWrapper;
      public class FlexMessageHelper;

      /* Custom Flex Login command that calls Subject.login returns a Principal back to Flex.
      public class FlexLoginCommand implements LoginCommand;
      public class FlexPrincipal implements Principal;


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