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using shindig in a standalone PHP server : a minimal patch


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      While implementing a standalone PHP server to handle a large number of simultaneous makeRequest with a small memory footprint ( necessary for web applications using long polling ), I had to apply the attached patch to PHP shindig to make it work. In a nutshell the patch addresses the following issues:

      • wrap echo / print / die functions so that they can be overriden by the standalone PHP server
      • cache some objects used during the call of the doPost function of ProxyHandler so that they are not rebuilt when doPost is called a second time
      • fix a few PHP deprecation required by E_STRICT
      • add the public_cer configuration string to use instead of the computed string based on HTTP_HOST

      I believe this fix is simple enough to be applied to later versions of PHP shindig. However, because a number of servers are probably still running on PHP shindig 1.0, publishing a patch against this specific version might be useful.

      A practical use of this patch can be found at

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