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Sentry integration with Hive authorization framework V2



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      Currently Sentry grant/revoke privileges via hook DDLTask, and do authorization via HiveSemanticAnalyzerHook. Now hive has a pluggable authorization framework via exposing some interfaces HiveAccessController and HiveAuthorizationValidator. HiveAccessController is used to grant/revoke roles and privileges. HiveAuthorizationValidator is used to do fine-grained authorization.

      Advantages to use this framework to grant/revoke privileges and do authorization:

      • This framework is very convenient to use by external authorization system.
      • Using this framework will be better accepted by community.
      • We don't need to take efforts to add so many hooks.
      • Some hooks has limitations. e.g. For column level security, we can't get accessed cloumns from query via HiveSemanticAnalyzerHook, so I extend the readEntity to put accessed columns into it(HIVE-7730). But if we use this framework, we don't need to extend the readEntity, we can just get accessed columns from ColumnAccessInfo directly.

      I will not remove the old sentry authorization framework, I will just add a new authorizationV2 via implement Hive authorization framework. If all the e2e tests passed, we can mark the old authorization deprecated.


        1. SENTRY-498.003.patch
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          Xiaomeng Huang
        2. SENTRY-498.004-hive_plugin_v2.patch
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          Dapeng Sun
        3. SENTRY-498.005-hive_plugin_v2.patch
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          Dapeng Sun
        4. SENTRY-498.007-hive_plugin_v2.patch
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          Dapeng Sun
        5. SENTRY-498.008-hive_plugin_v2.patch
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          Dapeng Sun
        6. SENTRY-498.009-hive_plugin_v2.patch
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          Dapeng Sun
        7. SENTRY-498.010-hive_plugin_v2.patch
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          Dapeng Sun
        8. SENTRY-498.011.patch
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          Dapeng Sun

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