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MetastorePlugin.java does not handle properly initialization failure



    • Type: Bug
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    • Fix Version/s: 1.8.0
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      MetastorePlugin.java has several implementation issues that need to be fixed by this JIRA:

      a) The state of MetastorePlugin is not communicated cleanly. The constructor initializes successfully regardless of whether HMS cache initialization was successful or not. The initThread.run() can easily fail when, say, cacheInitializer.createInitialUpdate() fails due to misconfigured HMS, so it is quite possible. The state is communicated through 3 variables: boolean initComplete, Throwable initError, and UpdateableAuthzPaths authzPaths. initComplete is always set to true from finally {} block, so it really indicates the end of an attempt to initialize the cache. It, thus, should only be used to detect whether the cache initialization is still in-progress, not whether initialization has been successful. To determine whether cache initialization was successful, initComplete should be used together with initError, which is set only when initialization fails. This is not how the code implements it in more than one place, which should be clear from analyzing a patch.

      b) There are several synchronization issues that may lead to the failure of synchronizing with the Sentry. They usually have to do with inconsistent use of monitor objects to guard access to thread-unsafe objects. E.g. authzPaths.updatePartial() uses a lock created just for the scope of a single call, which makes it useless for synchronization. A single read-write lock should be used instead, as there is one read and one write operation performed on authzPaths within MetastorePlugin.

      c) Failure to create authzPaths is not communicated clearly to a caller. When it is dereferenced from the public callback APIs, it results in NullPointerException. The suggested fix of this issue in SENTRY-1270 avoids NullPointerException by detecting the null authzPaths, printing error message, and returning. This effectively leads to consistent failure to update local cache without notifying the caller. The suggested solution would be not only to throw IllegalArgumentException to the caller instead, but to also specify why exactly authzPaths == null - due to initialization still being in progress or due to its failure.

      d) The housekeeping thread running SyncTask to synchronize with Sentry state fails when authzPaths == null. However, it keeps printing misleading "#### Metastore Plugin cache has not finished initialization." message even in the case of a permanent cache initialization failure. It needs to print the real cause of this condition, by analyzing authzPaths together with initComplete and initError values.

      e) getClient() may return null, in which case dereferencing it causes not so helpful NullPointerException. Instead, while getClient() may still print error message, it should also re-throw an original exception, which would then be much easier to debug.

      f) Each code fork deserves log message: e.g. addPath() retrurns immediately if PathsUpdate.parsePath() returns null - w/o printing any log.

      g) in SyncTask.run() - if notificationLock.tryLock() succeeds, yet the next line's expression "MetastorePlugin.this.authzPaths == null" is evaluated to false, run() exits w/o a chance to call notificationLock.unlock(). All the code following lock.tryLock() should be inside try-catch-finally, with finally's first line being lock.unlock(), as a general safe pattern.

      h) some additional misc synchronization issues may also be addressed by the patch.

      What's not in the scope:

      a) the initial patch honors the original design supporting asynchronous synchronization. It means that MetastorePlugin is always constructed, even if it's in a broken state. It is up to the public callback APIs to properly inform the caller of the broken state.

      b) however, if the reviewers decide that support of asynchronous initialization is not necessary, it may be preferable to drop such support in the same JIRA. In this case, second patch can be generated to only support synchronous initialization. This would lead to a much simpler and robust implementation.

      Update: the following HMS config parameters have been removed, as support of asynchronous initialization of HMS cache in MetastorePlugin has been removed:

      "sentry.hdfs.sync.metastore.cache.async-init.enable" (the default was FALSE)


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        12. SENTRY-1508.001.patch
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