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An Eclipse based visual editor and debugger for SCXML which can also generate SCXML statechart to Java code

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      I have been using Apache Commons SCXML Engine for more than two years,Now i have an idea to improve it, and I wanted to post it and see if there would be any interest in it in the Apache SCXML community. If possible, i want to hold it as a GSoC(url:http://socghop.appspot.com/) open source project.

      The basic idea of the project is to create a Eclipse based visual editor and debugger for SCXML which can also generate SCXML statechart to Java code.

      State Chart XML (SCXML) is currently a Working Draft published by the World Wide Web Consortium (W3C). SCXML provides a generic state-machine based execution environment based on Harel State Tables. SCXML is a candidate for the control language within multiple markup languages coming out of the W3C.It is very useful to handler complex status transfer logic,but if a SCXML file is really so huge and complex,it will become too difficult to maintain and refactor or to test its logic validity.

      This project is to develop a Eclipse plunge-in visual editor which is capable of showing a graphical representation of the process model and allows for adding breakpoints to activities, variable modifications and managing the debugging process for SCXML.I have already done some work on both SCXML and Eclipse GMF,even i tried to implement a SCXML editor using GMF and got a little achievement,so i want to develop this editor with GMF and have enough confidence to finish it.
      Usually,State Chart XML file will be running on a SCXML engine(for example, our Apache Commons SCXML),if some one only want to achieve the SCXML file's business logic,but do not want to or can not use some SCXML engine due to licence problem etc,this tool can export SCXML file's logic to executeable Java code which has the same state logic translation with the SCXML file.

      This is my mainly idea and Rahul Akolkar told me this is a good idea,but he has another GSoC project to mentor already, so he can not mentor me, and he suggested me come here to find some proper mentor.

      So,if anyone has any questions or comments, or would be interested in mentoring this project, please let me know,you can send me an Email, my mail address is ustbcoder@gmail.com.Thanks.



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