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Synergy provider assumes instance of 1 for projects... won't work for distributed CM (and some other scenarios)



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    • 1.0-beta-4
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      We've started testing and hit our first snag:

      A unique locator in synergy is: <name>~<version>:<type>:<instance>

      The new snergy provider appears to assume thie instance is 1, and cannot find projects whose instance is not 1. This is not a valid for a Distributed CM install, for example, where 1 cannot be the instance number as Synergy will not allow it. This instance can be any string, and should be specified in the SCM URL or some other appropriate configuration mechanism.

      For example following is a query that works against my developer workspace. This same funkiness for DCM also applies to task names, but I can't get that far in testing due to the project problem.

      ccm> query -u is_task_in_folder_of(is_folder_in_rp_of('Arc_Workspace~k1gmd00:project:arc#1'))
      arc#6602 completed k1gmd00 task <void> arc <void>
      arc#6607 completed k1gmd00 task <void> arc <void>
      arc#6619 completed k1jcs01 task <void> arc <void>
      arc#6620 completed k1jcs01 task <void> arc <void>
      arc#6630 completed k1gmd00 task <void> arc <void>
      arc#6632 completed k1gmd00 task <void> arc <void>
      arc#6634 completed k1jcs01 task <void> arc <void>
      arc#6637 completed k1gmd00 task <void> arc <void>
      arc#6638 completed k1gmd00 task <void> arc <void>
      arc#6644 completed k1jcs01 task <void> arc <void>
      arc#6645 completed k1jcs01 task <void> arc <void>
      arc#6646 completed k1gmd00 task <void> arc <void>
      arc#6647 completed k1jcs01 task <void> arc <void>
      arc#6648 completed k1gmd00 task <void> arc <void>
      arc#6649 completed k1jcs01 task <void> arc <void>
      arc#6652 completed k1gmd00 task <void> arc <void>
      arc#6656 completed k1gmd00 task <void> arc <void>
      arc#6657 completed k1jcs01 task <void> arc <void>


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