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BrokerProxies are never started when created during abdication



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    • 0.6.0
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      We have seen an issue lately where, after some time, a container will stop receiving messages from some partitions.

      After examining the container, it appears that this is triggered by an abdication for a BrokerProxy that was not previously instantiated during the KafkaSystemConsumers.start() method. Here's what we see:

      18:12:01,417  INFO KafkaSystemConsumer:128 - Abdicating for [MY-TOPIC,105]
      18:12:01,418  INFO VerifiableProperties:68 - Verifying properties
      18:12:01,419  INFO VerifiableProperties:68 - Property client.id is overridden to samza_consumer-job-thingy-i001-1395955794446-1
      18:12:01,419  INFO VerifiableProperties:68 - Property metadata.broker.list is overridden to localhost:10251
      18:12:01,419  INFO VerifiableProperties:68 - Property request.timeout.ms is overridden to 6000
      18:12:01,420  INFO ClientUtils$:68 - Fetching metadata from broker id:0,host:localhost,port:10251 with correlation id 0 for 1 topic(s) Set(MY-TOPIC)
      18:12:01,421  INFO SyncProducer:68 - Connected to localhost:10251 for producing
      18:12:01,436  INFO SyncProducer:68 - Disconnecting from localhost:10251
      18:12:01,437  INFO BrokerProxy:128 - Creating new SimpleConsumer for host localhost:10251 for system kafka
      18:12:01,442  INFO GetOffset:128 - Validating offset 2872503 for topic and partition [MY-TOPIC,105]
      18:12:01,456  INFO GetOffset:128 - Able to successfully read from offset 2872503 for topic and partition [MY-TOPIC,105]. Using it to instantiate consumer.

      Notice that this log line never appears from BrokerProxy:

        def start {
          info("Starting " + toString)

      Digging in a bit, KafkaSystemConsumer.refreshBrokers can create a new BrokerProxy that wasn't created in the KafkaSystemConsumer.start() method in cases where a partition was moved to a broker that it hasn't yet created a proxy for.

                brokerOption match {
                  case Some(broker) =>
                    def createBrokerProxy = new BrokerProxy(broker.host, broker.port, systemName, clientId, metrics, sink, timeout, bufferSize, fetchSize, consumerMinSize, consumerMaxWait, offsetGetter)
                      .getOrElseUpdate((broker.host, broker.port), createBrokerProxy)
                      .addTopicPartition(head, Option(nextOffset))
                  case None => warn("No such topic-partition: %s, dropping." format head)

      But it never starts the thread.


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