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Host affinity in standalone.



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      Samza framework enables its users to build stateful stream processing applications–that is, applications that remember information about past events in a local state(store), which will be then used to influence the processing of future events from the stream. Local state is a fundamental and enabling concept in stream processing which is required and essential to support a majority of common use cases such as stream-stream join, stream-table join, windowing etc.

      Local store of a task instance is backed up by an log compacted kafka topic referred to as change-log. When a task instance commits, incremental local task store updates are flushed to the kafka topic. When a task instance runs on a host that doesn’t have latest local store, it’s restored by replaying messages from the change-log stream. For large stateful jobs, this restoration phase takes longer time, thus preventing the application from starting up and processing events from the input streams. Host affinity is a feature that maintains stickiness between a task and physical host and offers best-effort guarantees that a task instance will be assigned to run on the same physical it had ran before.

      This tracks the work required to accomplish this feature.


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