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Race condition with async commit affects checkpoint correctness

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    • Type: Bug
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    • Fix Version/s: 0.13.1
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      tl;dr if any in-flight request updates the offsets between producer.flush() and offsetmanager.checkpoint() we could write a checkpoint for a message that did not yet go out over the wire and could subsequently fail.

      Consider two threads A and B. A is performing an async commit. B is an in-flight process(). The following sequence will cause data loss:
      A: TaskInstance.commit() begins
      A: producer.flush() is called // no new messages will go out in this batch

      B: producer.send() is called
      B: TaskCallback is invoked for the finished process()
      B: OffsetManager records the offset for the completed process()

      A: producer.flush() finishes
      A: checkpoint is written using the latest offsets from the OffsetManager. This INCLUDES the offset for the latest send, which has not yet gone out over the wire.
      A: TaskInstance.commit() finishes

      B: producer.send()->callback is invoked with an error. Send was unsuccessful, but has been checkpointed already.
      B: Exception is propagated and container fails
      Result: Container is restarted and starts from the last checkpoint.

      Note that this is only an issue when the commit() occurs concurrently with in-flight requests, so it doesn't affect the fully-synchronous mode or concurrent mode with synchronous commit().

      Proposed solution:
      Take a snapshot of the offsets in the OffsetManager at the beginning of commit(). Only checkpoint those offsets and nothing new that has been sent since the commit() started.




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