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      Note: this ticket has become a ticket about improving the performance of the platform

      In order to track performance improvements, we need some reproducible performance benchmarks. Here are some ideas of what we'd need:

      • use PEs that do nothing but create a new message and forward. Allows us to focus on the overhead of the platform
      • what is the maximum throughput without dropping messages, in a given host (in a setup with 1 adapter node and 1 or 2 app nodes)
      • what is the latency for end to end processing (avg, median, etc...)
      • using a very simple app, with only 1 PE prototype
      • varying the number of keys
      • using a slightly more complex app (at least 2 communicating prototypes), in order to take into account inter-PE communications and related optimizations
      • start measurements after a warmup phase

      Some tests could be part of the test suite (by specifying a given option for those performance-related tests). That would allow some tracking of the performance.

      We could also add a simple injection mechanism that would work out of the box with the example bundled with new S4 apps (through "s4 newApp" command).

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