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Page action with Admin management panel



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    • Affects Version/s: 5.0.4
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      Tomcat 7.055 - Ubuntu



      I am trying to add multiple "pages" to a weblog. the reason of adding "pages" instead of entries is simple - the content of these are not articles but dynamically loading JS-like frontend applications. The reasons I cannot add them into "entries" are simple - if these pages show up the applications start loading in immediately, which would cause a bit of a mayhem with all of their music, movies, maps etc. Also I don't want to limit the number of entries to be shown just for the sake of these. Unfortunately I cannot make these applications to run after user initiated JS input (ie. I cannot create "Click here to start" button as the third party app will just not work with them).

      Cut the long story short, I would like to add "Pages" to the blog. Currently the only way I can do is (as far as I know) is that I add custom templates for each individual pages. This is fine(ish) for now as I have only 10-12 pages, but this number is likely to go up in the future.

      Obviously there is always a workaround to my issue (setting up another blog, tailor its presentation layer that meets the third party apps requirements and then link the these elements as entries, etc.) but to be honest every major blog-management system has this "page" feature and I would be grateful to see this coming in the forthcoming release. I guess in layman's terms what I would be happy to see is an option under the "Create&Edit" section for "Page", which then can create the feature in accordance with its template action. Regarding creating their index I don't think the first release of this improvement need to go too far on that - if there is a Velocity macro/script doing some basic page url/name listings that will be sufficient.

      On the other hand there might be a similar solution somewhere in the Roller docs and I have just couldn't find it so far - in this case please let me know what I am doing wrong.





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