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Jini should support platforms other than those with RMIClassLoader as the classloading control point. IDEs inparticular need help.


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      The RMIClassLoader class and RMIClassLoaderSPI is currently the control point for managing the "platform" view of how classes are loaded. In IDEs and other different environments, the "parent" classloader view, is not always the "system class loader". There are some other variations on class loading that seem to indicate that while RMIClassLoaderSPI can be plugged into, it doesn't always provide quite the right facilities because even plugging into the system class loader to override it might not be possible.

      The diffs included here show some preliminary work that I did investigating this issue to try and make it possible to discover and load Jini servers within the netbeans IDE.

      Refinement and some rework will be needed, and some other investigation into other platforms such as JEE and other IDEs would be helpful in making sure we understand what is really needed. Even OSGi would be something to look at.

      1. CBAClassLoaderBUILD.patch
        0.9 kB
        Peter Firmstone
      2. CBAClassLoaderQA.patch
        117 kB
        Peter Firmstone
      3. CBAClassLoaderSRC_dir.patch
        41 kB
        Peter Firmstone
      4. Greggs_Mods.patch
        42 kB
        Peter Firmstone
      5. Greggs_Mods-with-some-minor-changes.patch
        42 kB
        Peter Firmstone
      6. PreferredClassProvider.java
        61 kB
        Gregg Wonderly
      7. PreferredClassProvider.java.rej
        2 kB
        Peter Firmstone
      8. rmicl.diff.txt
        69 kB
        Gregg Wonderly

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