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Preservation of Mail Lists and Documentation External to the River Project


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      Anyone with access to mail list archives etc, can upload relevant information here so that it can be preserved or added to the project web site at a later date.



      John- is there any way to get a copy of the archives (jini-users and
      javaspaces-users) and put them up on Apache River project for reference?

      thanks -Jim

      On May 27, 2009, at 7:34 PM, John McClain wrote:
      > Sadly, this also applies to JINI-USERS and JAVASPACES-USERS.
      > Peter Jones wrote:
      >> I'm sorry to report that it has come to my attention that the LISTSERV
      >> running at archives.java.sun.com, which hosts this email list among
      >> others, will cease operation at the end of this month (i.e. midnight
      >> US Pacific time on May 31, 2009). While the traffic on this list has
      >> certainly dwindled recently, I think that the archives contain a
      >> valuable knowledge base, and I hope that they can be made available
      >> elsewhere somehow (I am retrieving a copy through the LISTSERV email
      >> interface while the server is still running).
      >> – Peter

      1. javaspaces-users.tar.gz
        6.39 MB
        Jim Waldo
      2. jiniUsersTarGZaa
        9.00 MB
        Jim Waldo
      3. jiniUsersTarGZab
        9.00 MB
        Jim Waldo
      4. jiniUsersTarGZac
        9.00 MB
        Jim Waldo
      5. jiniUsersTarGZad
        907 kB
        Jim Waldo
      6. rmiUsersTarGZaa
        9.00 MB
        Jim Waldo
      7. rmiUsersTarGZab
        9.00 MB
        Jim Waldo
      8. rmiUsersTarGZac
        9.00 MB
        Jim Waldo
      9. rmiUsersTarGZad
        1.14 MB
        Jim Waldo
      10. davis-mbox.zip
        473 kB
        Mark Brouwer
      11. porter-mbox.zip
        304 kB
        Mark Brouwer
      12. davis-eml.zip
        1.10 MB
        Mark Brouwer
      13. porter-eml.zip
        828 kB
        Mark Brouwer


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