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Ripple should check, if phonegap.js / cordova.js files really exists

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    • Windows 7 Home Edition, x86, Chrome browser (newest stable version), Ripple Emulator extension for Chrome (newest stable version taken from Chrome Store).


      Provide any way of checking if phonegap.js / cordova.js files really exists.

      If this file is missing and is only referenced in the code (situation required by PhoneGap Build), tested mobile application doesn't work in Ripple (reporting missing PhoneGap-releated objects) and Ripple itself also fails to work properly.

      Most spotted things include (when phonegap.js / cordova.js file is missing):

      • After clicking "Enable" for the first time, there is no licensee agreement, Ripple moves directly toward selecting platform.
      • There is no sign of "Start Ripple Services" and since these services are not started, Ripple itself fails to work as desired.

      Therfore, I marked this feature request as critical – if we don't include checking for phonegap.js / cordova.js (and warning, if it is missing) many users (newbies), especially those using PhoneGap Build (where these files should be missing), will report Ripple Emulator as not working at all.




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