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Ranger UI fixes - partial search not working on Policy listing page



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    • 0.5.0, 0.6.0
    • 0.6.0, 0.5.3
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      List of UI issues
      1. (Policy) Partial search not working. Consider the following 3 policies:

      • test_hdfs-1-20151214074249
      • test1
      • test_policy

      Now on search for policy name as "test" no results are shown. Instead a message is shown: "No policies found".

      2. (Policy) While disabling audit logging for a policy, user has to add at least one group in that policy. If not, a message is displayed: "You must have at least one or more user/group access defined for the policy." Also in that policy even if users are already listed then too the same message comes for group.

      3. (Audit > Admin) Audit log of Service Update shows incorrect values. Try updating some fields of any service and check the Audit logs.

      4. (Profile page) If Last name is mandatory then message shown should be proper, currently the message shown is "Please try different name".

      5. (Users/groups) From admin login, we need to remove search by role "keyadmin" from list as admin is not able to see users with "keyadmin" role. If keyadmin has Users/Groups tab permission then should it not be able to search by role as "admin". If user has Users/Groups tab permission then it should show User and Admin role.




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