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Policy effective dates to support time-bound and temporary authorization



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      Currently Ranger policies have effectiveness period that is permanent i.e. once authored they can only be disabled or enabled. There are many use cases where such policies or even a policy condition needs to be time bound. For example certain financial information about earnings that is sensitive and restricted only until the earnings release date. 

      it would be great to have the ability to specify with each policy a time horizon when it is effective (i.e.) either be effective after a certain date and/or expire after a specific date or only valid within a certain time window and have Ranger check whether the policy is effective before evaluating in the policy engine. Therefore, policy authoring can be simplified and does not require any subsequent action from the user, basically making policy authoring a one time effort and users do not have to go back disable the policies once it is past the expiration date.

      This means that:

      1. Ranger policy engine needs to be able to recognize the start and end times for policies  and enforce them based on period of validity specified by the user.
      2. Active policies should be checked not only based on the resource, user and environment context but also whether the policy is effective.


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