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JMS 2 Completion threads shouldn't scale with the number of sessions



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      JMS 2 Completion threads are now tied to be one per JMS Session ie a client application with N JMS sessions need N completion threads to handle the completion events.

      Given that the asynchronous model of JMS 2 allows users to have few threads handling many JMS sessions, should be better to reduce the amount of completion threads without exceeding the number of available cores and shrink/grow according to the completion event processing load.

      If the user confine a connection in a thread handling many JMS sessions and the completion events are issued by the same Netty thread in sequence, if the completion processing for a JMS Session is fast enough, next JMS Sessions can reuse existing completion threads instead of using a new one.
      This model save using too many completion threads for users tasks that are supposed to be very fast: if the user task cause a specific JMS Session completion thread to block, the expectation is that the system should be able to create a new completion thread to handle other JMS Session completion events, as expected.




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