1. Qpid

Java Broker



Qpid broker implemented in Java

Issues: Unresolved

Key Summary Due Date
New Feature QPID-946 Implement Message Federation
Bug QPID-3616 Java Broker misinterprets message.flow infinite credit value (0xFFFFFFFF)
Improvement QPID-3930 [Java broker] look at performance of clearing queues with large backlogs of persistent messages

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Issues: Updated recently

Key Summary Updated
Bug QPID-7231 Example of REST call to invoke the Queue clear queue operation in incorrect
New Feature QPID-7165 Allow query results to be sorted and paginated
Bug QPID-7114 [Java Broker] ConnectionBuilder should set protocol and cipher suites on all code paths

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Versions: Unreleased

Name Release date
Unreleased qpid-java-6.0.3  
Unreleased qpid-java-6.1  
Unreleased qpid-cpp-next  
Unreleased qpid-tools-next  
Unreleased qpid-python-next  
Unreleased older-1.0-jms-client-next  
Unreleased Future  
Unreleased qpid-java-7.0.0  

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