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[Java Broker, WMC] Address minor UI issues



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      During testing the following minor UI issues were discovered:
      In no particular order (numbering just for easier referencing):

      1. Logging in occasionally fails with a 417 error response especially when the browsers developer tools are open. This is probably due to a timeout in SaslServlet (default 3000 ms).
      2. -In view and edit of Broker: "Statistics reporting period enabled" shoud actually be "Statistics reporting reset enabled"- FIXED QPID-7481
      3. The memory log viewer grid in "Auto Refresh" mode has the "jumping page" problem
      4. The BrokerLogbackSocket seems to have a default port (6000) but it needs to be entered regardless.
      5. When using BrokerLogbackSocket and nothing is connected to it it waits 100ms for each log event to time out. When using DEBUG this brings the broker to a crawl (e.g., broker startup ~ 4 minutes). I could imagine this also being a problem when logging over a network. Could this also be a problem for other loggers (e.g. Syslog?)
      6. -When changing "Number of connection threads" to 1 on a VirtualHost the following error is reported: "422 - Number of Selectors 8 on VirtualHost bdb_bdb must be greater than the connection pool size 1. Please correct the problem and retry your operation." which does not make sense. I think it should say the connection pool size must be greater than the selectors not the other way around.- FIXED QPID-7480
      7. Add Port dialogue does not have a scroll bar in case it does not completely fit onto the screen. If the dialogue box resizes (e.g., by closing the Developer Tools pane in IE) only the original part of the dialogue box has a solid background. the newly exposed part is transparent.
      8. -Creating a Base64MD5PasswordFile AuthProvider pointing to a non existing file creates it. however editing and point it to a non existing file fails with 422 but the config seems to have been updated regardless with subsequent changes (e.g. adding user) failing.- Subject of QPID-7485
      9. -add dialogue for SimpleLDAP AuthenticationProvider is wonky-
      10. deletion of TrustStore displays the trust store name in the confirmation dialogue as 'undefined'.
      11. In the UI for FileGroupProvider the path field is editable but on the broker it is not resulting in 422 errors. Either we should allow editing on the broker or disallow it in the UI. Addressed as part of QPID-7485
      12. add dialogue of AclFile type is wonky
      13. RuleBased ACL has no useful UI
      14. If the add Queue dialogue has a scrollbar the lower part (the one you have to scroll to) is transparent. This applies to all addQueue dialogues.
      15. dialogue layout gets messed up when dialogue has to display a scrollbar
      16. -clicking on any of a widgets "menu icons" (i.e., collapse pane, edit, goto, or close) will also trigger a drag.- QPID-7488
      17. dashboard browser has empty row where the query browser displays the query type.
      18. the text elements in question/notification/warning-yellow.svg are not centered correctly in IE. In chrome and FF only the warning-yellow.svg seems of centre.




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