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Deadlock on publish



    • Bug
    • Status: Closed
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    • Resolution: Fixed
    • 0.32
    • qpid-python-1.36.0
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    • python-qpid-0.32-13.fc23.noarch


      When publishing a task with qpid.messaging it deadlocks and our application cannot continue. This has not been a problem for several releases, but within a few days recently, another Satellite developer and I both experienced the issue on separate machines, different distros. He is using a MRG built pacakge (not sure of version). I am using python-qpid-0.32-13.fc23.

      Both deadlocked machines had core dumps taken on the deadlocked processes and only show only 1 Qpid thread when I expect there to be 2. There are other mongo threads, but those are idle as expected and not related. The traces show our application calling into qpid.messaging to publish a message to the message bus.

      This problem happens intermittently, and in cases where message publish is successful I've verified by core dump that there are the expected 2 threads for Qpid.


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