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      Though e.g. creation of queues and exchanges is governed by ACL rules, creation of connections is not and this should be rectified.


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        Comment [ The existing code has a per-IP-address ACL connection quota specified by a single value in the command line or by specification of individual users in the ACL file. The proposed new feature would add a new Action/Object pair to the ACL rule file:
        acl allow create connection address=<address spec> [user=<user spec>]
        Impact assessment:

        ||Design consideration||Proposed feature||
        |Threading model|multithread - ACL structures need locks|
        |Memory management|Per-IPaddress counters kept in new instance of existing structure|
        |Automated testing approach|Existing ACL test scheme could prove this feature|
        |Impact on public API|Changes ACL file syntax|
        |- Interoperability with implementations in other languages|n/a|
        |- Backwards compatibility|not backward compatible|
        |Performance implications|Insignificant|
        |Security implications|This feature is a security enhancement|
        |Platform support|n/a|
        |Logging|Logs in 'usual' ACL log format|
        |Monitoring|Count of denied connections already exists|
        |Management|no changes|

        However, how, practically, would one *specify host addresses?* If you want to allow connections from the subnet the code today would force you to specify 65k lines of ACL rules and that's not very useful. It would be _easier_ coding for ACL to allow the address to be specified as:
        and _harder_ coding to allow the address to be specified as
        The same wildcard rule would apply to both IPv4 and IPv6 addresses.

        If a simple wildcard is OK then this feature would be relatively easy to add. ]
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