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      From Nitin Shah:

      I tried to start the version 18 of the C++ broker and get the following error in /var/log/messages and the broker dies. Any idea what we are doing wrong. We have been using the version 16 and that starts fine.

      10:29:35 nshah_1 qpidd[1550]: 2012-09-05 10:29:35 [Broker] notice SASL disabled: No Authentication Performed
      Sep 5 10:29:35 nshah_1 qpidd[1550]: 2012-09-05 10:29:35 [Network] notice Listening on TCP/TCP6 port 5672
      Sep 5 10:29:35 nshah_1 qpidd[1549]: 2012-09-05 10:29:35 [Broker] critical Unexpected error: Cannot read from child process.

      I started doing some investigation on the new release mainly because I could not see what we were ( if possible) doing wrong with the release. The broker would start executing and immediately one was getting an assert as shown below in the output I generated with running it under GDB. It asserts because it fails the test in file types.cpp in qpid/ha line 38 ( assert(value < count). I noticed that this is happening as a result of the call from the HaBroker::initialize() function line 90 in the HaBroker.cpp file where a QPID_LOG is being invoked.

      I believe the root of the problem is the BrokerInfo class constructor is not initializing the private class data called "BrokerStatus status" which is defined in file BrokerInfo.h . BrokerStatus is defined in types.h as an enum as follows

      enum BrokerStatus {
      JOINING, ///< New broker, looking for primary
      CATCHUP, ///< Backup: Connected to primary, catching up on state.
      READY, ///< Backup: Caught up, ready to take over.
      RECOVERING, ///< Primary: waiting for backups to connect & sync
      ACTIVE, ///< Primary: actively serving clients.
      STANDALONE ///< Not part of a cluster.

      It seems like the assert happens on the second call to EnumBase::str() in types.cpp. The count was 6 and the value was some large uninitialized value.

      I initialized the status variable in the constructor to STANDALONE and the broker came up and worked fine.




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