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PHP binding of Qpid Messaging API


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    • Affects Version/s: 0.8
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    • Component/s: C++ Client
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      Working on a PHP binding for the Qpid Messaging API via SWIG. There are several PHP-specific issues with C++ and SWIG which I've managed to workaround, so the binding is starting to take shape, but still very much a work in progress.

      The rough plan:
      1. report relevant bugs / feature requests to SWIG (done).
      2. clean-up Qpid php.i SWIG interface file (mostly done - just need to implement PHP namespaces).
      3. implement qpid::types::Variant <-> PHP typemapping (not started).
      4. implement printinfo pragma (should be easy, just need to choose what info to include).
      5. create relevant [auto]makefile.

      Of course, there's lots of things to discuss / decide along the way... so I'll post 'em here as they come up.

      1. cqpid_php.20110220.diff
        36 kB
        Paul Colby
      2. cqpid_php.20110301.diff
        43 kB
        Paul Colby
      3. cqpid_php.20110328.diff
        57 kB
        Paul Colby
      4. cqpid_php.20110415.diff
        71 kB
        Paul Colby
      5. cqpid_php.20120406.diff
        70 kB
        Paul Colby
      6. cqpid_php.20121105.diff
        70 kB
        Paul Colby
      7. cqpid_php.20121105-qpid-0.19.diff
        70 kB
        Paul Colby
      8. cqpid_php.20121106.diff
        74 kB
        Paul Colby
      9. cqpid_php.diff
        15 kB
        Paul Colby
      10. FindPHPDev.cmake
        3 kB
        Paul Colby
      11. Makefile
        1 kB
        Paul Colby

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