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Fixes for mingw cross-compilation (C++)



      In attempting to cross-compile the Qpid trunk in the MinGW environment, a number of build errors were seen. Attached to this issue is a patch that fixes the errors and builds cleanly on Linux/gcc and MS Visual Studio as well.

      The classes of error discovered are:

      1) Case-sensitivity of file names (i.e. Secure32.lib => secure32.lib)
      2) Syntax issues where MSVC is too lenient (semicolon after the closing brace of a template function)
      3) *_EXTERN on DLL APIs. MinGW doesn't like externs on in-line functions, requires externs on class names.
      4) const_case<char*>() needed on LPTSTR arguments in the Windows API
      5) Unused function arguments need to be commented out
      6) the *_s variants of ::localtime, ::strncpy, ::strerror can't be used

      Before I commit, I would appreciate some review and feedback on this patch.

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        Ted Ross

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