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The following changes needs to be done for JMS Client to support the changes made in addressing


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    • Fix Version/s: 0.7
    • Component/s: JMS AMQP 0-x
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      • The node-properties option is now named node, e.g:

      name/subject; {create: always, node: {type: topic}}

      • There is now a link option:

      name/subject; {link: {name='blah', durable=True, ...}}

      • The x-properties map has gone away in favor of x-declare, x-bindings, and x-subscribe which each customize different portions of the sender/receiver creation process.
      • The x-declare and x-bindings option may appear under either the node or link options and will have a different effect in each case. When appearing under the node option, x-declare behaves much as x-properties used to behave, and x-bindings will cause additional bindings to be created when the node is created, e.g.:
      1. declaration overrides and bindings will only be applied if the node is created
        name/subject; {create: always, node:
        Unknown macro: {x-declare}


      When appearing under the link option, the x-declare will apply overrides to the declaration of the subscription queue, not the node. Also the bindings specified in x-bindings will be declared whenever the sender/receiver is created rather than just when the node is created, e.g.:

      1. declaration overrides for the subscription queue, and bindings to be declared whenever the link is created
        name/subject; {link:
        Unknown macro: {x-declare}


      • In addition the x-subscribe option may also be used to directly customize the subscribe request, e.g.:

      name/subject; {link: {x-subscribe: {arguments: {filter: "blah"}}}}

      --------------------- In addition the following also needs to be done ------------------
      1. Add subject as filter in JMS - for exchanges use it as binding key and for queues use it as a selector
      2. If consuming from an exchange - and if no subject is specified.
      topic - wildcard
      direct - error
      3. When sending to a queue, routing key is set to queue name NOT subject
      4. When asserting you need to take into account the "type"
      5. Is delete option implemented properly.
      6. For create/delete/assert the default should be NEVER
      7. x-props


      is for the type of exchange if the node type is topic




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