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Create a set of "glass box" tests to quantify the performance of the proton codebase




      The goal of these tests would be to detect any performance degradation inadvertently introduced during development. These tests would not be intended to provide any metrics regarding the "real world" behavior of proton-based applications. Rather, these tests are targeted for use by the proton developers to help gauge the effect their code changes may have on performance.

      These tests should require no special configuration or setup in order to run. It should be easy to run these test as part of the development process. The intent would be to have developer run the tests prior to making any code changes, and record the metrics for comparison against the results obtained after making changes to the code base.

      As described by Rafi:

      "I think it would be good to include some performance metrics that isolate
      the various components of proton. For example having a metric that simply
      repeatedly encodes/decodes a message would be quite useful in isolating the
      message implementation. Setting up two engines in memory and using them to
      blast zero sized messages back and forth as fast as possible would tell us
      how much protocol overhead the engine is adding. Using the codec directly
      to encode/decode data would also be a useful measure. Each of these would
      probably want to have multiple profiles, different message content,
      different acknowledgement/flow control patterns, and different kinds of

      I think breaking out the different dimensions of the implementation as
      above would provide a very useful tool to run before/after any performance
      sensitive changes to detect and isolate regressions, or to test potential


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