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[c] Crash in pn_connection_finalize



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      Linux 64-bits (Ubuntu 16.04 and Oracle Linux 7.4)


      Here is my situation : I have several proton::containers (~20).
      Each one has its own proton::messaging_handler, and handles one proton::connection to a local qpid-broker (everything runs on the same Linux machine).

      20 x ( one container with one handler with one connection with one link)
      Some containers/connections/handlers work in send mode ; they have one link that is a proton::sender.
      Some containers/connections/handlers work in receive mode ; they have one link that is a proton::receiver. Each time they receive an input message, they do some processing on it, and finally add a "sender->send()" task to the work queue of some sender handlers ( by calling work_queue()>add( [=] { sender>send(msg); } as shown in the multi-threading examples).
      This works fine for some time (tens of thousands of messages, several minutes or hours), but eventually crashes, either with a SEGFAULT (when the qpid-proton lib is compiled in release mode) or with an assert (in debug mode), in qpid-proton/c/src/core/engine.c line 483, assert(!conn->transport->referenced) in function pn_connection_finalize().

      The proton logs (activated with export PN_TRACE_FRM=1) do not show anything abnormal (no loss of connection, no rejection of messages, no timeouts, ...).

      As the connection is not closed, I wonder why pn_connection_finalize() would be called in the first place.

      I joined the logs and the call trace.

      Happens on 0.26.0 but also reproduced with the latest master (Jan 28, 2019).




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