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Memory leak related to sending



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      I started implementing a GO application using qpid electron. There is one connection used to receive messages (at-least-once). It works nicely with low memory consumption, multiple links and multiple go routines, 50 bytes payload, up to 3000 msg/s

      But as soon as the application starts sending messages (to reply over the same connection) memory consumption is continuously growing up to 2GB where I stopped.

      Even if electron does not leave many options for wrong usage there might be an issue in the application.

      So I tried the qpid electron example "https://github.com/apache/qpid-proton/blob/master/go/examples/electron/send.go", the same issue.

      To reproduce it:

      • use the sample program, I just added connection options for SASL PLAIN
      • let it send 100000 messages or more to one destination

      My setup:

      • windows 10 pro
      • go1.10.2 windows/amd64
      • qpid 0.24.0-rc1
      • go files and lib build from same git repository clone and branch
      • visual studio 2015, release build, no errors
      • Broker: Solace VMR with different durable queues as source and target

      I tried also qpid proton 0.23.0 earlier, but saw the same problem.

      I tried SendAsync and SendSync, both in 10-50 go routines in parallel.Finally, with SendForget my worker routines were soon blocked and did not come back.

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