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Move portlet apis to own svn location


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      As discussed in the mailing list and suggested by Ate:

      My suggestion is to create a /portals/portlet-spec svn folder.
      Underneath that, we then could have:

      The portlet-api-1.0/src/main/java folder should be a svn copy from:

      The portlet-api-2.0/src/main/java folder should be a svn move from:

      The /src/site/resources/javadoc/portlet-api-1.0/ folder should be a svn move from:

      The /src/site/resources/javadoc/portlet-api-2.0/ folder should be a svn move from:

      And of course, for all the above new appropriate maven 2 build configurations will need to be setup.
      Oh, one more and very important point: the maven pom.xml for the portlet-api source modules of course needs to be setup independent of the portals pom and use groupid "javax.portlet" (same as we currently have for the portlet2-api module under pluto/trunk).

      This way, we can publish the portlet-api javadocs through:

      and of course provide a general overview page (possibly with further pointers and info) at:

      I think that would be very helpful.

      Finding the right portlet api javadoc online always has been "messy", and using the above would finally give them a very clear and easy to remember "home".

      One more thing with regard to the api source: Its obvious we cannot do "releases" of these as they are JCP spec bound.
      So, IMO there is no need for using /trunk, /tags, etc. svn sub folders for them.


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