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Component Lead Description
charts gbrown Greg Brown A collection of components for use in charting applications.
core-beans gbrown Greg Brown Classes that provide access to the Java bean properties of an object via a dictionary interface.
core-collections gbrown Greg Brown A set of classes and interfaces that serve as generic collections as well as the data model for UI components.
core-io tvolkert Todd Volkert Classes related to input/output operations.
core-json gbrown Greg Brown
core-serialization tvolkert Todd Volkert
core-sql gbrown Greg Brown
core-util tvolkert Todd Volkert A collection of common utility classes.
core-xml gbrown Greg Brown
demos gbrown Greg Brown
eclipse gbrown Greg Brown Pivot Eclipse Plugin
experiments smartini Sandro Martini Experimental Area (under /skunk in SVN)
jenkins smartini Sandro Martini Jenkins-related code, scripts, and other
maven-archetypes smartini Sandro Martini Maven Archetypes
pivot-on-apache-extras smartini Sandro Martini Pivot-related things hosted under Apache-Extras
project gbrown Greg Brown Project-related issues.
site smartini Sandro Martini Anything related to the Web Site
tests smartini Sandro Martini A collection of (Integration) User Tests, as Applications
tools tvolkert Todd Volkert
tutorials gbrown Greg Brown Pivot tutorials.
web tvolkert Todd Volkert Classes for communicating with HTTP-based web services.
wtk gbrown Greg Brown Classes that define the structure and behavior of WTK user interface components.
wtk-effects tvolkert Todd Volkert Classes supporting visual effects such as blurs, reflections, and drop shadows.
wtk-media gbrown Greg Brown Classes to enable multimedia support in Pivot applications.
wtk-terra tvolkert Todd Volkert WTK Terra theme.
wtk-wtkx gbrown Greg Brown Provides support for loading WTK components from XML.